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 Russell Vaughan

I run a thriving IT consultancy which includes a Computer Services company, Training Consultancy and Fledgling wireless Internet provider in Malaga.

Our main work includes managing a wide range of IT requirements from troubleshooting network and Internet  problems to designing and implementing new network, Internet and Intranet solutions.

At our new location we will offer computer repairs, sell wireless Internet connectivity and offer Internet access.

Our UK consultancy deals mainly with corporate training.

We offer IT training for groups of between 3-20 attendees. and have over 150 Technical computer related subjects that you can choose from, From a PC repair course to a XML software design course.

I am also available for public speaking.

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Map of Spain

The South coast
of Spain
We have recently moved from London, England to Alhaurin El Grande, Malaga which is 20 minutes from the beautiful Costa del sol coast of Spain. Living in the mountains above the costa we have a less hectic life that we did.

I work in IT so if you are in the Costa del sol and have Computer problems look me up. I run this site as a hobby and will endeavour to reply quickly.

Come back often as I will be adding new material on a regular basis

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