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Creating a timeline allows you to look at other factors such as wars, famines in the region your ancestors lived. Laws that enhanced or restricted life in the geographical area.

If you enjoy history this can be a very rewarding task and it will allow you to target documents or other useful information as you build a timeline of your ancestors life enhancing it with historical fact.

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Genealogy Timeline
    An aid to checking your facts
    One of the first things I do when researching anCreate a simple timeline ancestor is create a simple timeline. I could use a pen and paper or one of many fancy programs that are available but I use a spreadsheet and keep it as simple as possible. Start with whatever dates you have. With my great grandfather I took a picture of his gravestone which had his age when he died so starting there we guessed his year of birth. 

    Then we added as many facts as we had gathered about him. Once done we added his son and grandchildren we did not know anything about his wife but onceHeadstone of Hyman Bernstein 1879 - 1942 completed it was easy to visually see patterns e.g. how often children were born, addresses lived etc. This created questions, Where did he come from? when? Did he fight in WW1? the next thing to do is to add relevant historic facts to the timeline once completed we wrote down the questions that we would try to answer through more research.


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