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My daughter came back from another unsuccessful trip to the Public records office at Kew, her Grandma had been trying to trace my fathers biological family (he was adopted) and her Grandmother Rachel Donofsky.

My first thought was who is "Rachel Donofsky" she is your Great Grandmother my 11 year old daughter replied. I only ever heard her called Bobe (pronounced Boobah) which is Yiddish for Grandma. My mum had been doing this research for years (many bits of paper) but I had taken no notice or interest,  the next sentence changed my view. Danielle said DAD why don't you look on the Internet!!.......... 22 hours later I was hooked.


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About the contributors to this Shortcut to Internet Genealogy website
1st Lesson with names
    Family Tree keepers
    Our Goal!!
    We would like to collate and research each direct family branch in as much detail as possible by adding as much information that still exists photographs, documents and most of all your memories.

    Having only started recently, I am amazed how much stuff is available in the public domain.

Variations in a name

    Barbara Vaughan (nee Burns)
    PRO and Family record centre visitor.

    Mum has been on the trail of various rosegarten, rosengarten, rosegaton, donofsky, Zeitman family names for years. Even visiting addresses in Poland in the hunt. After my father died we discovered he had spent most of his adult life trying to trace his family. Since we teamed up we have found 4 cousins from her family and details of several who's names and life's have been forgotten.

Russell Vaughan - Webmaster

    Russell Vaughan
    Webmaster, Researcher

    I am an IT consultant and work all day with computers. My hobby is computers but I don't think I am a computer geek. I started doing Genealogy to assist my mother that was about 10 months ago. I have learned and read and researched and discovered things about my some of our ancestors lives that would amaze people today.

Introducing Soundex
    Research can be fun!
    Was Spock a Cohen?

    I saw this on the "Forgotten New York" website This is from an article about Mt Zion cemetery the twoLive long and prosper hands are from the headstone of Isidor L. Spinner who died in 1944. Long before star trek.

    Leonard Nimoy has often said that he got the Vulcan "live long and prosper" hand signal at temple. It is theWas spock a cohen? Aaronic blessing, given by the rabbi at services and is done with both hands, thumb to thumb and represents the Hebrew letter shin. Nimoy photo from The JewishGen Discussion Group then got this posting. Regarding this notation from the article: "It is the Aaronic blessing, given by the rabbi at services and is done with both hands, thumb to thumb and represents the Hebrew letter shin.

    I'm told it's hereditary: like touching your nose with your tongue or wiggling your ears, either you can do it or you can't."

    According to the legend about this sign:  if you can make this sign with your hands, " It means that you're a Cohen". This sounds like another way of saying the ability is hereditary. Is anyone else acquainted with this theory/legend?


Russell Vaughan - Webmaster

    Danielle Vaughan
    Assistant Researcher
    The reason this website is here but I am sure she will have lots to say when she rewrites this paragraph


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