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It has taken us 10 months but using the Internet as a tool we have many learned many Important facts about my Great grandfather, added new names and to our growing family tree and made many connections finding and meeting relatives lost and long forgotten.

Russell Vaughan
July, 2004


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Read some genealogy success stories
Forgotton but not lost
    Looking for these names.
    Success is relative (no pun intended) since we started we have learned that these small connections are only part of a bigger picture so as a lifelong hobby starts we are looking for people with these names from some of the places listed.

    ARONOWITZ (Russia)
    BERNSTEIN (Dvinsk/Daugavpils - Latvia, South Africa)
    COHEN-LASK (England, South Africa, Israel, USA)
    DONOFSKY (Warsaw, Poland)
    LEVINOVIS/LEVANOVITCH/LEVAN various spellings (Plope Poland)
    SHORN (England)
    VANOVITCH/WANIEWICZ (Poland, France, Argentina),
    ZEITMAN (Warsaw, Poland), lived at Grzybowska
    Forgotton but not lost

      Internet newsgroups
      We found a cousin!!
      It started with a Google search looking for Donofsky that was how a two year old news posting attracted my attention.

      The author was looking for a two people who's names matched people in my family tree.....more

    Try the phonebook
      Try the Phonebook
      Visit to a lost cousin.
      I was at the Cemetery grounds recording dates, names and taking pictures, we visited our Great Uncle's grave when my brother pointed out that there was an empty plot next to Uncle maybe his wife is still alive...more  

      But I am sure he lives in Dortmund not sure where and I have been to Germany and looked in the phonebook.....more be continued.

      How we found Seide!

        How we found SEIDE
        Using simple methods.
        We had a name, a few family stories and a picture of seide's grave stone. We collected all the data relating to Hyman Bernstein and we started there. The Gravestone gave us an idea of Hyman's year of birth click for.....more

      Variations in a name

        up until now I had always spelt Seide "Zaida" and nobody complained but I did a web search and came up with nothing so I found a site that did translations and discovered that the Yiddish for Grandfather was actually spelt SEIDE "pronounced sayda" so try this Yiddish-English-Yiddish translation site it is a great find for a non Yiddish speaker.

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